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Some comments from people you may know.

"...two steps beyond tomorrow, Belizbeha is the Funk of the future."
Mike G, The Jungle Brothers

"Belizbeha is, in my opinion, the next big thing in the music industry...and live they are amazing" Tony Shimkin, Madonna's producer

"...the best new band since Jamiroquai."
Nappy G, The Groove Collective

"I was driving, heard the music, and I had to stop"
Jon Fishman, Phish

Section 3 09-00-99
Belizheha bring to the party a funk/lounge/soul/hip hop blend which more of is needed in modern music.  think very little is holding this band back, and nothing is really BAD about the band. I just see so much potential for this band that I can't wait for them to get signed and hook up with a big-time producer and get rich and famous. If any Boston [editor: even though we're not from Boston, thanks!] band deserves success based on their talent, then Belizbeha is that band.

Instant Magazine 02-00-99
It's all about particles and waves.  Finding the right wavelength to tickle the particles and make them feel good.  Belizbeha hits the groove with uncanny precision on Void Where Inhibited.  This band has hit their stride and is able to mesh together seamlessly to create their solid distinctive sound, somewhere between hip-hop, jazz, funk, and indigenous music.  They mix sampled beats {editors note:  huh?  it is all real drumming} and rhythms with live musicians and stellar vocalists with fine results.  The lyrics are straight from the heart and include the big topics; spirituality, harmony between people, finding your own inner strength, and enjoying life.  The musicianship and the sounds on Void Where Inhibited are so pure and refined, they speak to the soul, remove the inhibitions, and raise the consciousness of the listener.  Hey, for 10 bucks or so, what more can you ask for? Glenn Stewart

CMJ New Music Report  09-28-98
"Belizbeha nods both lyrically and musically to a tremendous breadth of artists.   Notables such as Stevie Wonder and ATCQ have inspired this septet which still retains its own multicultural sound.  ...deft rhymes, weightless vocals, silky smooth...  it backs it up with funk, jazz, and even house, all played with vintage skilled musicianship.  Void Where Inhibited renews your faith in the funk."

Brattleboro Reformer 09-17-98
"The band has taken the raw soul of the south and filtered it through the sleek urban seductiveness of NY, creating music that is both urgent and slick.  Overall, Belizbeha's sophomore release senses when to rock and when to swoon.  Good to know that VT still hosts bands that have soul, and Belizbeha leads the pack.

Seven Days  09-02-98
Acid jazz, new soul, avante garde funk -- call it what you will, the rappin' rhythms, funky keyboards and boy-girl interchange prove a winning formula.  Fat raps in a deep sing-song cadence that echoes the rumbling rhythm section.  Singing sirens with strong, sweet, sensual vocals and delicate phrasing." 

Billboard Magazine 08-29-98
Popular Uprisings:  In addition to popping up on an assortment of compilations and ski videos, Burlington-based jazz/hip-hop group Belizbeha is the subject of the documentary series "Extreme Close-Up," a PBS program that will air next year."

VOX  09-98
"this [cd] is very polished without feeling slick.  ....nice slow-jam vocals, funky jazz beats....some of the grooves remind me of mid-period Stevie Wonder.   Musically this band has always been right on, which isn't any news by any means."

The State Weekend   07-31-98
"Still hoping for an elusive breakthrough song, this VT conglomerate just released a stunning new CD, "Void Where Inhibited," that could finally get some national attention."

Free Times 08-5-98
"The seven-piece ensemble fills a stage with more than just warm bodies as their urban soul and funk weaves them into a distinctive whole that's guaranteed to make a crowd cut a rug or two."

The Oregonian   07-98
"this band's key reference points are in soul-jazz and hip-hop.  Now the band has a new calling card with it's new album, Void Where Inhibited.  The singer/lyricists have come into their own, in both respects learning to fit into the music more comfortably and assuredly.  And the band, especially the drummer Mark Robohm, plays with an energy and uninhibitedness that augurs well for its live show."

Jackson Hole News   07-25-98
"A similarly tight unit [compared to Groove Collective] powered by dense percussions, gritty keyboard lines, alternately smooth R&B vocals and edgy, fun rap-ese."

The Jackson Hole Tempo  07-24-98
"With 2 strong female vocalists, a rapper, and a solid band, Belizbeha fills the room with a rich, complex blend of infectious grooves and a lot of energy.  Their melting pot of influences yields a truly original product."

Scene Magazine   07-23-98
"A collective of soulful harmonies, hip-hop flavor and progressive rock."   With a loyal following that is reaching like tentacles out of the NE, the band has a grass-roots following since its inception.

The Vail Daily   07-20-98
"this seven piece collective has achieved tremendous success in both touring and recording projects.  And 1998 marks the third consecutive year that the band has performed more than 150 live shows."`

The Denver Post 09-18-98
"...this year the candidate for the 'next-big-thing' slot  might include VT's Belizbeha with it's slow-cooked platter of funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz."   From a review on the LODO festival.

Daily Camera 06-17-98
"One of the few Cds that has made it into my personal collection from the stacks of promos that I receive is Belizbeha's.  The band comes from Phishland and yes they jam [but] as in Russell Simmons and Def Jam Records style.  The band has a reputation for being incredible live, and it's groove-heavy funk is the perfect midsummer heat wave.

Mountainfreak 03-00-98
"Progressive hip-hop is a combination of jazz, funk, rap and house. It is the wave of the future for live music. Few bands can bust it out before your very eyes like these folks from Burlington, Vermont. "

The VT Cynic 02-05-98
"what makes this band great is their diversity, each member is unique in his/her own way. They came on stage at around 10:30 and seemed to play forever, three hours w/o taking a setbreak. After a small break, they will head to the studio to work on their second CD, with a greater focus on lyrics and the presentation of their songs."

The Daily Athenaeum (West Virginia) 01-29-98
"If you ever go to a restaurant and see so much food that you don't know what to order, what do you do? Belizbeha had that problem, so they combined all their favorite styles and have a musical buffet ready to serve. Expect some exciting beats with so much anima that you don't want to stop dancing. Expect some joviality and some poetry in the lyrics."

VOX 01-28-98
"during my brother's visit here last week from Lake Tahoe, he mentioned barely getting into a sold-out Belizbeha show - they were even scalping tickets. Anyway, the ever-popular acid-jazz behemoth rolls back into town this evening."

SF Weekly (CA) 01-19-98
"although this isn't the official Martin Luther King JR. Day show, these are singers, musicians of all stripes creating a harmonious cultural confluence of jazz, R&B, Soul, and hip-hop."

The Stranger 01-15-98
"Belizbeha combines the most danceable elements of soul, hip-hop, and jazz for a very impressive debut. Although they have been endlessly compared to BNH and other post-Motown bands, ...this band moves a few notches above its contemporaries. Make no mistake: this is the same "light" dance music that bands like Jamiroquai have based their careers on. Belizbeha just do it very well." 3 out of 4 stars.

Eugene Weekly 01-08-98
"Vermont interesting take on hip hip; crisp, fresh grooves support rap vocals and sweet female vocals elsewhere. The arrangements are nice, the horn work tasty, and there are enough hooks to overlook the occasionally goofy raps. These guys ought to really work it out in smallish Sam's."

Seattle Weekly 01-07-98
"Yes, they're a jam band, but a more interesting one than most....they must be doing something right as it is all about making the connection with the audience."

Willamette 01-07-98
"Having a name that is hard to pronounce doesn't seem to have hurt Jamiroquai, a band that this seven-piece collective from VT closely resembles....maybe fans of this type of smooth and thick-as-molasses urban funk like tongue twisters."

Daily Planet (telluride) 01-31-98
"Picture Galactic with En Vogue and an Irish Tone Loc. What a better way to start off the new year than at the moon....The Vermont Based hip-hop funk band that consists of a killer jazz rhythm section, two beautiful female vocalists, and one giant rapper. They have a creative, new sound blending more elements than I can mention with the help of the diversity of the band."

The Source (Vail) 12-30-97
"Jazz, hip-hop, funk and should are blended into a highly energized liquid sound that will keep the crowd groovin'."

The State Weekend 10-10-97
"Belizbeha took a myriad of neo-hippie/jazz styles and wound them together into one seamless groove. The record demonstrates a cooperative jones for '70s soul, jazz, improv and hip-hop matched only by Belizbeha's live jam concert approach."

The Bowdoin Orient 10-03-97
"they are gonna lay down funk on all of us here at sleepy Bowdoin. They are energetic, tight, and bursting with life and an amazing joy for performing. It's hard to emerge from the talent-packed Burlington, VT but they have managed to maintain a unique up for it groove."

The Charlotte Observer 09-19-97
"a long overdue return for this VT conglomerate. This polychromatic group delivers a true polychromatic sound marked by superb musicianship. Add in soulful female vocals and hip-hop rhymes and the result is devastating."

The Brattleboro Reformer (Chris Nixon) 09-18-97
"...the band has taken the raw soul of the South and filtered it through the sleek urban seductiveness of NYC, creating music that is both urgent and slick. The large fan base created by the band's hard work came out in full force at the Iron Horse."

The Defender 09-17-97
"I once heard that a CD has to have at least three songs to 'make it big,' I really enjoyed seven of them....will make you bob your head, feel lonely, and move your derriere."

The Village Voice 06-11-97
"hard to pin down but easy on the ears, this eclectic seven member collaboration out of VT mixes soul, hip-hop, and jazz with sweet harmonies and positive, pop culture-peopled lyrics."

Northeast Performer 06-97
- this is a review of the Belizbeha rhythm section on the HOP compilation - "one of the more credible hip-hop tracks on the disk, Belizbeha supplies a kind of Roots-y vamp for the three Mc's know as the House of Representatives.

SOMA 05-97
"This seven piece funk outfit get the remix treatment from New Yorkers Carlos Bess and DJ Choco who continues to stun with his wok on the groovin' label. This remix gives more oomph, a deeper, more sensual groove. If solid or jazzy vocals are your territory, then this is your record. Obscure, but essential.

The Cynic 04-30-97
"Belizbeha is a great national and international band that presents quality, well-arranged, music and a performance that is a party and a concert. For those unacquainted with this band, I assure you that you will be a fan if you give them a chance."

Garton's 03-20-97
"four musicians and three vocalists put out a hip-hop, progressive, rock, jazzy, soul adventure......the mix between sizzling musicianship and in-your-face vocals is enough to slam you into the dancefloor where you will stay."

Househeads 02-97
This lists the best house tracks "for club & radio DJs * retailers * media * househeads. The hottest new house tracks in North America" we were among the top listing for our remix.

Philidelphia City Paper 02-21-97
"their [music] simmers with a vibe normally found i classic 70's cop shows, and then it swells and explodes with the kind of flourishes that propel the very best ska. Put on your favorite Baretta-style outfit and be prepared to soar like the sparrow all over the dance floor."

Citypaper Philadelphia Entertainment Guide 02-08-97
You might not think of a skiing hub like Burlington, VT, as a very funky place, but there must be something groovy going down....cause it gave birth to the acid-jazz combo Belizbeha....a vibe found in classic '70s cop shows, and then it swells and explodes with the kind of flourishes that propel the very best ska. Poets and vocalists drop rhymes and riffy vocal lines.....syncopated beat that owes as much to Latin music as it does to Grover Washington's silky jazz. Put on your favorite Baretta-style outfit and be prepared to soar like the sparrow all over the dance floor.

Audio-Gliphix (Philidelphia) 01-97
"the lyrics come right from pop culture...the most amazing thing about them is where they're from. It's not New York, it's not London, although it is where you would expect them to be from once you've heard them. If you're a fan of progressive indie music with heavy funk grooves and phat beats, look no further."

Flash Magazine 01-30-97
"As avant-garde as they come, Belizbeha deserves to be lauded for their willingness to move music in different directions. Given their hybrid type style, however, it is impossible to pin down the group as being a this or that style type of band."

4/4 (vt music quarterly) 01-29-97
"Acid Jazz's first family Belizbeha has the #1 selling VT album on our poll of area record stores. Charlie's Dream has been a consistent top-seller at record stores throughout the state since it's 1995 release. The band just keeps getting better, so the next release should be killer."

Seven Days 01-29-97
[web site review] "Best Eclectic Band Site" Belizbeha - - after you've downloaded samples of their music, you might want to scroll through the index to find the closest retail outlets stocking their CDs. And don't overlook the band's diary, which is surprisingly well-written and entertaining."

O's Place Jazz Newsletter 01-01-97
"This is solid R&B with a refreshing 90's twist. Itıs steamin' right out of the gate with "Only If". They add some house music and smooth rap but this is dominated by rhythmic beats and vocals like on "Any Other Day" and "Yes U Can." Although a few of the lyrics aren't very insightful, the rhythm of the rap combined with the funky beats is ALWAYS on time! Whether you want to dance (you will) or just nod your head & pat your feet, this is the right formula. Belizbeha have fun and we found it contagious."

Northeast Performer 01-97
"Catch the Flow, glide out onto the dancefloor, and let Belizbeha do the rest. The mood is infectious and has been catching on all over the's the energy and good vibes from those shows that keeps fans coming back for more. Everyone comes form a different background, be it blues or jazz, funk or pop. Belizbeha has landed opening spots for The Wailers, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Joan Armitrading...the group played in Germany in October and has tentative plans to go back in March. They have toured extensively in the US and even made an appearance at the 1996 Olympic Games.....although searching for a label, the band is still hard at work getting things done on their own terms."

Seven Days 12-11-96 Burlington, VT
"Hard to keep up with the well-travelled Belizbeha. The band has just returned form the south, again, including D.C. where they shared the bill with A Tribe Called Quest and Madeski Martin & Wood. Drummer Mark Robohm has been endorsed by GMS Drum Co. and bassist Shawn Williams picked up a customized Marleaux bass."

Relix 12-96
delivers an overtly commercial blend of hip-hop, soul, rap, and jazz. These guys are excellent musicians, and they've created some music that's both creative and of artistic worth.....the band's fusion of styles."

SOMA 11-96 San Francisco
"similar to forerunners such as Brand New Heavies, playing to standing room only crowds, Belizbeha creates infectious grooves and perpetuates a positive eclectic image. Some of the raps come off a bit hokey, but the good-natured humor is obvious and the music is too good. Belizbeha flexes its muscles as a legitimate newcomer."

U Magazine 11-96
"You shall proceed to the next sure-thing, waiting to be discovered urban collective this side of Arrested Development...phat beats, fab vocals, and energetic, likeable personalities to make you groove. If you like Jamiroquai, BNH, or Digable Planets, you'll think Belizbeha has the funk too."

The Maine Campus 11-08-96
"the bases are loaded in belizbeha's instrumental lineup..they come stacked and ready to party....sweet jazz chords over the persistently funky beats. Anyway, the result is, if nothing else, loads of fun."

Georgetown Hoya 10-10-96
"Opening up for Tribe Called Quest was Belizbeha. It is hard to describe their music but it is soul with a beat that and it makes you dance. Influences range from Jamiroquai, Bonnie Raitt to Heacy Metal among the members. With all this diverstiy in a band you may expect a mish-mash of sound--this is not the case. Belizbeha's sound is smooth and sends out a beat that animates your feet and renders your inhibitions helpless."

Susan Blond Press Release 10-08-96
"made up of 7 multi-faceted musicians, Belizbeha's live show is an amazing well-executed, eclectic accomplishment. One of the hardest working bands in the country, Belizbeha has played over 150 shows since Feb '96.."

Boston University Daily Free Press 09-26-96
"Belizbeha has amassed a rather large cult following during its two year existence. The vibe [singing] is very Sade-esque, which can be good or bad depending on your taste. Typical of the entire album, the lyrics can be a little rough around the edges...Williams and Robohm kept a perfect back beat with Skaller's melodic jazz keyboard tapping. Slight nit-picking aside, Belizbeha held a nice jazz/soul groove that pleases the crowd....these kids have great spirit."

Good Times 09-24-96
"Phish had better get ready to share the musical spotlight of that quaint New England because a new band from Burlington, Belizbeha, is about to crack the big time. It is hard to categorize the Belizbeha sound. Fattie tries to emulate DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince with lighthearted raps that drip with pop culture and references. This band has music talent that easily gets overlooked. "Any Other Day" is just one example of top-flight jazz and pop fusion. I can only hope that the A&R dept. which signs them will continue to let this band be as creative as they are on this album.

The Boston Phoenix 09-20-96
"Charlie's Dream celebrates the roots of contemporary hip-hop: soul, R&B, jazz, scat, funk. Shauna Antoniuc takes over vocals on several tracks. At times, soulful enough for any Gospel choir. Despite their eclectic stylings, Belizbeha seems comfortable with themselves. Charlie's Dream has a stabilizing continuity that keeps the album from being another jam session....a tight knit posse." ***1/2 stars

Burlington Free Press 09-19-96
"It's their different skin colors, religions, and musical tastes that keep the band flourishing personally and musically. The musicians were born in as far away countries as Japan and Gambia and grew up with equally divers music tastes. In the past three years the band has played about 450 dates, from Atlanta to Germany. "

Metroland 09-19-96 Albany, NY
"This Burlington-based harmony-driven groove machine Belizbeha. Come check out the swanky, wanky band and their diverse audience that just about covers the waterfront."

The Aquarian Weekly 09-11-96
"Their sound is a combination of a lot of stuff which makes sense cause the band is stuffer like a minifridge with 7 unique musicians. They are really acid-jazzy, and then they mix in hip-hop, straight forward jazz, and funk. If I had to compare them to stuff I would have to drop names like Groove Collective, BNH, or Jamiroquai. It is no wonder they have sold over 10,000 units of their CD."

The Spectator 09-06-96 Hamilton College
"Belizbe-who? They were not only good but they smoked the crowd. I have never seen so much frantic booty shaking on this campus as I did that night. Rolling Stone proclaimed The Fugees as the future of rock and roll. You can include Belizbeha in that revolution."

The Inquirer and Mirror 08-29-96 Nantucket, MA
"Belizbeha, a hoop-playing, soul-pop-jass band...they fuse so many different sounds together and still have it come out with a beat that works your 'thang.'"

Music Connection 08-19-96
"Be on the lookout for the hot alternative soul group Belizbeha who recently performed six extraordinary shows at the Summer Games in Atlanta. With their ability to cross racial and cultural boundaries this group has landed shows with Del La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, The Wailers, Gil Scott Heron, and Joan Armatrading. [They] deliver an infectious blend of jazz, hip-hop, and funk."

The Inquirer and Mirror 08-15-96 Nantucket, MA
"They play the daiquiri of Rock 'n' Roll -- a whole bunch of stuff tossed together to make something exotic. You might hear some reggae or perhaps some funk."

Block Island Times 08-03-96
"with an infectious blend of hip-hop and jazz and a bass line that will send shivers up your spine, Belizbeha is playing to a new genre of "New Soul." It is rumored that the bands name means "to undulate and dance wildly." Once you experience Belizbeha this will become perfectly clear."

Rock Around The World 07-23-96 Internet Magazine
"So if you've dug Galliano, Jamiroquai, or the Brand New Heavies, then Belizbeha's got your flavor. The band is playing the Olympics! Boasting more gigs than any Non-Atlanta band, Belizbeha's mixed cultural lineup appeals to the wide ranging tastes of the ethnicity that have converged upon Atlanta."

State 07-19-96 Columbia, SC
"If you dig BNH, and De La Soul then you'll dig Belizbeha's delectable, danceable stew....highly visual, exciting stage show."

The Inquirer and Mirror 07-11-96 Nantucket
"The band plays a high-tech world beat sound...they blend funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop, African rhythms, peas, carrots, and a special sauce and then give it a futuristic twist: sort of the musical equivalent of 2001's giant space baby."

The Burlington Free Press 07-04-96
"It's been only two years since the group has been playing the club circuit and already they are going for the gold. The band was recently picked up by the Susan Blond Agency in NYC. They have also been doing lots of ground work, their CD is available from Hawaii to Europe."

Rock Around the World 07-96 Internet
"New soul....that's what their calling the genre of this new talented band. Cop to this: Dig Stevie Wonder, Terence Trent Darby, Seal, Incognito, Galliano....personally I hear some Average White Band in there, but it's wider than that. I guess it's all up to how peripheral your hearing is. ****1/2 (out of five)"

The Burlington Free Press 06-15-96
"Belizbeha is being heavily courted to appear on the next AWARE disk compilation, a famous project that first broke out of the Columbia, SC scene. Belizbeha will also be representing Burlington Music at the Olympic games for a string of shows to be held during the games in Atlanta."

Good Citizen Magazine, Volume II. winter/spring 1996
"1995 saw the members of the acid jazz mobile party called Belizbeha get serious, get busy, and get organized. In May the band released their debut album to rave reviews and incredible sales ( over 4000 copies,) finishing the year as Pure Pop's #2 selling CD for the year. They average 15 to 20 shows a month and their regional success has allowed the band members to quit their day jobs and focus on their music. They have their merchandising act together and even have Belizbeha Condoms courtesy of the band and Vermont Cares Foundation.....Tired yet? This is one band that ain't afraid to get busy."

Basement Medicine 02-96 Johnson State College
"You don't have to go all the way to NYC for a good Acid Jazz band, we have one here in Vermont....the shotgun marriage between Jazz, Rap, Funk, and Rock. "

Internet Review (Peter Wang) 02-96
"Belizbeha proceeded to jam with a bit of soul & funk, chunky beats, solid bassline grooves, great horn riffs, and smooth melodies. Their cuts flowed with killer horn and keyboard arrangements with sweet, sweet breaks, stabs, solos, and transitions. I would consider Belizbeha of the Solsonics, Groove Collective, Brand New Heavies camp, for those of you looking for some sort of a stylistic benchmark..... Well, I must say, Belizbeha definitely impressed (and surprised) the hell out of me with their musicianship, sophisticated sound, aesthetic, and critical edge."

The Tufts Daily 02-23-96
"a sound that blends almost every musical style imaginable and bebops with user-friendly funkadelic charism, it is no wonder that this 7 piece is creating a buzz in the nation's underground club drum beats...loose and loopy rhymes....groovy keyboard play...jazzy fills...soulful grooves bassline which waxed funkadelic...each player was careful not to overwhelm the other, all the while keeping the beat hopping and the jam grooving."

The Vermont Times
In an imaginary language, Belizbeha means 'likely to induce wild dancing.' That's exactly what happens wherever this group -- a rural/urban, black/white, male/female hybrid born band appears.....Its fusion of styles -- the street smart staccato of hip-hop, the intricate layers of jazz, and the melodic sensibilities of R&B, funk and soul that inform both -- is a musical Esperanto that speaks to many ears. "

In Roads Magazine November 1995
"Remember how journalists once had a hard time trying to describe the style of The Dave Matthews Band? Its the same kind of challenge with Belizbeha, a VT based group that combines jazz, hip hop, funk, and rock."

The Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) august 1995
"San Francisco is a long way away from Burlington, VT, but you wouldn't know it from this multi-racial, eight piece group. San Francisco is the current hotbed of acid jazz - the hot new style that mixes hip-hop and jazz with R&B and Latin flavorings - and this New England ensemble has got it down cold....the band's opened for an impressive list of artists (including Gil Scott Heron and De La Soul), and its self-released debut CD is a sweet slice of silky grooves, intelligent rhyme play and exceptional musicianship. This could be a VERY special show [at Jack Straws, Charlotte, VA]."

The Break August 1995
"Imagine a funky fusion of Chicago and the Fresh Prince with a dash of the B-52's, without the idiosyncrasies but still chock full of energy. Call it hip hop acid jazz with a groovin' flow and you're on the right wavelength."

Good Citizen Magazine, Volume I.
"Instrumentation fits, as a fluid guitar, over a driving funk beat, interrupted by powerful blasts from the brass section--still fitting clearly into the groove. "this is a funk song....this is a love song...this is a jazz song." Belizbeha's sound includes all of these facets and more, as ten musicians and vocalists blend elements of hip hop, rap, classic funk, fusion style guitar, jazzy brass hooks (among other things) to create flowing, undeniable danceable music."

Cornell Daily Sun
Belizbeha, from Burlington, proves to me that Marky Mark, besides knowing next to nothing, especially knows nothing about a funky bunch. These guys were funky to the umpteenth degree....the intricate mix of somewhat disparate elements gives the music its fresh kick."

The Burlington Free Press may 1995
"Known for their frequently packed live shows, Belizbeha and their brand of acid jazz hip hop seems to be bringing just as many people into record stores. "It's amazing.... we've sold anywhere from 7 to 30 copies of the CD a day," says Pure Pop Record store. "I think it'll go platinum in Burlington alone."

The Boston Globe
Opening for the Last Poets was Belizbeha, a surprisingly strong and funky band from Burlington, VT, that played a crowd moving blend of hip-hop, jazz and soul. For a band relatively unknown in the Boston area, Belizbeha made an instant impression on a savvy audience."

The Vermont VOX March 1995
"If you're tired of getting elbowed in the head at Belizbeha's packed gigs, now you can flair with abandon, solo, in your own living room. In fact you may want to clear out the furniture. The debut disk from Burlington's acid jazz phenom est arrive and --good news-- it's totally pro....Dream's 12 songs also testify that the members know the cardinal rule of big bands: staying out of each other's way. Crisp, dynamic horn arrangements....sinuous bass rumble...beat and melodic meat...sweet'n'silky vocals....each of its diverse textures serves the whole, and the whole is therefore greater than the sum of its parts."

The Collegian March 1995
No one can deny that Belizbeha has had a good year. Not only have they been drawing and maintaining large crowds in Burlington, they have also been well received in the major markets in the Northeast, with some big gigs in Boston, NY, and Montreal. This review will be short, I know, because this CD is simply awesome.....The CD shows that Belizbeha does what it does very well. If you're a fan then it's a must own. If you're one of the few who haven't seen Belizbeha yet (trouble getting in?) or if you're just afraid of large crowds, then you're going to be very pleased to take Charlie's Dream home with you for your very own. The CD shows that Belizbeha will soon be something of a larger phenomenon and are on the verge of stepping up to the next level. As for the CD, three words: smooth, smooth, smooth."