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November 12, 1996: Maine!

    The State We're in: How many of you have ever been to Maine? Well, it is a rural state and there are lots of trees. We drove by many of them (trees) on our way to our gig at UMaine at Orono (11-8-96).
    The Shining?: We were taken care of to the 'T' and many thanks to those who put on the show. They put us up in the most amazing restaurant/hotel called the Oronoka where we found out exactly why Stephen King is the way he is.
    Ellen Severance:   She runs the place and took homestyle care of the band. Fully picture perfect in red apron, she fed us until we could eat no more (the steaks were 96 oz. sirloins!) Have you ever seen that steak in the beginning of the Flinstones? NO JOKE!
    Please Visit:  I can only say that if you are looking for "Food you'll Remember" and a trip into true Maine territory please visit our new friends and tell 'em belizbeha sent you. [The Oronoka - (207)866-2169] You'll never forget it!

October 29, 1996: Germany!

    The Airplane:  So it was our first time as a band on an airplane together. And what better of a place to indulge in the FREE drinks on overseas flights!! Needless to say it was a good flight.
    The Show:  The gig was in a circus tent (converted for parties) in the old Olympic Village in the heart of Munich. Crazy. Microsoft and Seimens Corporations threw an amazing party with enough food, drink, fun, and drink, and drink to please anyone! We played three sets and kept the entire computer-friendly group on the dance floor much to our surprise.
    The Thanks:  We, as a band, are very grateful to everyone at Microsoft for having us, especially Kay and Thomas, and hope to return in March in Hanover. Ahhhhh.....Europe!

September 17, 1996: Europe!!

    A long story short:  Well, ready? We met this dude, who works for Microsoft in Germany , and he came to hear us play in NYC at the Macintosh Music Festival and liked the music so he has since had us booked in Germany for the real Oktoberfest in Munich thus producing the first Belizbeha European Tour.
    Wow?!:  We're a little shocked and overwhelmed to say the least. Who knows what's gonna go on down over there? Ummmm.

August 20, 1996: The Beats.

    Drums?: Our Drummer has been playing on the same drum set for ten years! Some three or four hundred gigs now with his various bands. Time for a new one perhaps?
    The New One!: There will soon be a new one. Mark is now endorsed by GMS Drum CO. and will be playing one of the finest drumsets made soon enough. Keep your eyes and ears open for smooth and new chops.

August 8, 1996: The Southern Tour

    Driving!: So yeah, we drove lots and lots of miles (but what else is new?) We made it all the way to Atlanta and everywhere in between racking a total of 3897 miles on the van.
    Smooth Vinyl:  Our long time friend and one of the original members of the band (a little know fact) came with us on this tour, DJ EK. EK is from Thailand and has been spinning some of the best beats in Burlington for years. Keep you eyes out for him soon on tour.
    The Bomb:  Luckily our show was cancelled and we were in Athens the night of the bomb, but we would like to send our best wishes to all of those who were hurt by that random act of stupidity.

June 13, 1996: Susan Blond, Inc!

    Who?:  Okay, Susan Blond is one of the most exciting people to come into Belizbeha's Life, ever. She is one of the most respected public relations firms in the business and is now working with Belizbeha.
    So What?:  Well, she will be gettin' us publicity. Magazines, radio, papers, that's what she does, and she does it well. Just ask her other clients of past and present: Toni Braxton, Jodeci, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Youssou N'Dour, Sade, Suzanne Vega, Lenny Kravitz, Janet Jackson, Carly Simon....
    Why?: We are very fortunate to have someone like Susan Blond on our team! She sought us out and we will go down in history as the first unsigned band to work with her (she requires the acts to be signed and established). She digs our music and feels we have what it takes so she is bending the rules. We like that!!

May 28, 1996: The Tracks

    The Studio:  We arrived at Firehouse Studios and laid down the grooves during our graveyard shift. From house music to R&B type soul beats, the songs came out.
    Saffire:  We also played some grooves for Saffire's new album (Sony Recording Artist) which will be laced with some young NYC rappers due out this summer. Yahoo, nothin' but good vibes from that session.
    The Rest:  We're gonna hit the studio again so we can get some more on tape for the labels. Probably during our little break in early June we'll be finishing the studio sessions.

May 3, 1996: Laying Down The New Stuff

    The Deal: We need to record some of our new songs so, we're going into the studio in NYC with our new producer, Kenny Diaz. We'll be in the studio for the week of May 5th.
    The Noise:  We are going to record these tunes: Grass is Greener, Inhibitions, So Strange and might do these too: Circles, Yo My Man.
    Sleep: So the funny thing is that our studio time is from Midnight until 10 AM, Monday 'till Friday. All play and no sleep makes Belizbeha very tired. Ugh.

April 29, 1996: Wanna be on the guest list to any show?

    The Mix: We have lots o' driving ahead of us these next few months and are sick of our tapes. Make us a mix and we'll throw you and one friend on the guest list to any show you want. send to: Mark c/o belizbeha, 388 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY  11238.

April 24, 1996: Reflections of our southern tour of April!

    The vans:  We drove about eight thousand some odd miles in two rental vans. One was blue, one white. They are now quite stinky. lots of time was spent in them: sleeping and playing dumb games. UGH. We are so sick of our tapes!!
    The gigs:  Whenever we go on tour we rate our record for the tour like a sports team. This tour scored a 14/1/1 record.
    The spring: The south delivered a warm welcome to our pale VT skin. We got a little tan and enjoyed green grass, flowers, and shade. Ahhh. Now, it snowed today in Burlington. Ugh.
    The celebs: We played in Columbia, SC and hung out with Hootie and his Blowfish, the Stone Temple Pilots, and The Miami Dolphins. I guess there was an MTV celebrity golf thing that day and they all went out afterwards. I learned that Hootie and the gang are nice (but were kinda drunk), and the Dolphins were literally HUGE.



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