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November 24, 1997: GOOOOOOO!:

    Outta This World: So you may have noticed a few changes to our planet logo. This is all thanks to our good friend and my old roommate: John Phemister, aka,GOO!.
    Who the hell is Goo?: Well, Goo is a graphic designer among other things like a surfer/snowboard/skate kid. You may have seen his work grace many a Burton snowboard or an Arnette sunglasses add. Anyway, that was then and this is now.
    Where's Goo Now?: So now....he got smart, moved to sunny California and works for himself. He's working several independent jobs in design and is always for hire ;) (check his web site. Lucky for us he helps us with our graphics too in his spare time.
    Show your love: So listen here: stop wasting your time reading the scoop and send some email to goo 'cause he needs some new friends.

November 16, 1997: Duel, Seen it?

    Steven Speilberg's 1st: Well, at least I think it was his first major movie. Anyway, it reminds me of the long hours of driving we have been doing recently on tour.
    Slacker: Yup, that's me. See, it has been too long and I have been ignoring the Scoop. I am sorry and please send me hate emails if it gets to be this long ever again.
    Back to the Road: Well, we're home for a little while this week which is a nice change and it gives me a chance to add up all the miles on our last tour: 10 days of driving, 4237 miles! Geez, it sounds pretty bunk huh?
    Not So Bunk: Seriously though, we did earn lots of frequent highway miles but the tour was good. Thanks especially to all the people who helped us hold onto a small piece of our sanity on this last trip: Dawn, Danny, Christine, Greg, Bob, Tom, Mike, Ed and anyone I forgot....Thanks!!

September 6, 1997: To the Kennel:

    Woof Woof: That sound is sometimes what you here when you practice at the Kennel. Yup, in Burlington there is a practice space that you can rent out next to a Dog Kennel.
    Play Pen: Well, that is what we called it....where we roamed for a long week of hard practice to bring new songs to the table. We worked on some old ones, and wrote three new ones.
    What are they?: Shauna sings herself silly on Whenever She's Around, Kadi brings it all together on the yet untitled drum & bass influenced 7/4 song, and Kyle throws lyrics over Poetry. Check 'em out live and send your reviews to ME.

July 20, 1997: Next, the Grammies!

    Look A Trophy!: So it looks like people are diggin' the web site. I just wanted to share these awards with all of you because you make it happen.
    Reciprocity: It has to do with giving back what we get. People come and enjoy the web site and send us mail telling us they like it, so we make it as cool as we can between gigs and practice.
    Thanks: So it is really all about thanks. We want to thank you all for giving us this award and please stay in touch with the band vie email/web site and we'll keep you all up to date. PEACE!

July 1, 1997: To the Studio!!:

    Load In: So it is true. Today marks the first day of true rehearsed, professional studio time since our first album. We will be going to Saratoga Spring's CMG Studio for the next week to record the first three songs of our next album.
    The Tracks: The songs that Rob Stevens, our new producer, and the band chose to do are: Inhibitions, Off the Mark, and Not 4 Nothin.' We decided on these 'cause we just did.
    Then What?: Well, we'll be shopping these songs to a few interested parties in lieu of grander scales. From there we'll move on to finish the rest of the album and *hopefully* (notice the lack of commitment) we'll have the album out by next year.

May 15, 1997: Everybody do the HOP:

    Underground B-town: Well, I live here and I am surprised by this new CD compilation, HOP, which delivers the music from the underground scene. Lots of talent to be found in this little VT town which is delivered without a doubt on this disk.
    Fattie B: This compilation was actually compiled by our own Fattie B. He sought out the talent of those in town and put them all together on a disc for ya'll to hear. Nice huh? Well, it is a nice representative of all that goes on beneath the surface of this little town we live in.
    And on with what it is: So you thought us Vermonters didn't know how to make house, jungle, hip-hop, reggae, ambient, r&b, and jazz music? Thinks again and give us the chance to show you how we do it up here. Check out HOP!

May 9, 1997: More on Recording...

    Rob Stevens: This guy is going to make the recording big, smooth, and great. He is the producer that we will be using for the first few songs that we'll record (and maybe more). We found him through our NYC contacts and he's the man.
    Auditions: Last Tuesday we rented our Club Metronome in Burlington to set up and play a "gig" for Rob so he could hear all of our 40+ tunes. There he set up a little table and we played for three and a half hours straight to an audience of one. He has chosen four that he wants to start with.
    When: Now all we need to do is find out where and when. Rob will be finishing some current projects in May (Yoko Ono's Album and John Lennon's Box Set) and then will devote his time to us. Now all we need to do is choose a studio and then voila.....finally!

April 22, 1997: FUTURE CD!!

    The Meeting: So we finally got together and have planned a new recording endeavor! Yes, no joking around, we had a meeting and have a schedule over the summer for an album to be out in the fall.
    The Commitment: We realize that this is LONG OVERDUE but we want to do it right so we are being careful. We will record tentatively four times: two sessions in Burlington, one session in NYC, and one in Florida.
    The Production: We will be recording some tracks ourselves, some with DJ Choco (the brains behind our #3 charting remix), and with a producer/friend Rob Stevens. Rob has worked with many and most recently is compiling the John Lennon box set due out this summer........wish up good trax!

April 1, 1997: All Play and No Sleep

    Honey, We're home: Well, we are back! The tour went really well thanks to all of the people who helped us out. We really want to send special *thanks* to our managers, booking agent, and most importantly you guys (our fans) for making everything so much fun and smooth.
    The Shining: we also want to thank Mother Nature for being so nice to us. We avoided the VT snowstorms, the floods and tornadoes of the Midwest, and enjoyed sunshine for the majority of the trip. A very non-VT-like weather month for us! And a note to those whom we met who were plagued by natures harshness....we're thinking of you!
    THE CONTEST: Ok, no more messing around, you guys want to know who won the contest don't ya? Well, we got lots of entries but only one was closest........wanna know who won?

February 25, 1997: Little White Lines

    Dashes Upon Dashes: If you have been paying attention to our tour dates you will know that we'll be driving a lot in the next month. Does anyone else get sick of those little white dashes on the highway, millions of them!
    Caught Candid: No more excuses!! Shauna has bought a video camera and everything will be taped. As we go from interstate to highway to freeway, caught on camera. Maybe the tape will be boring because we never fight, argue, talk, get stupid, make fools of ourselves, fib, do dumb things, etc......wink, wink.
    Miles Contest: And here is a little contest for those readers of "The Scoop." Anyone who can guess the amount of miles that we will drive on our tour (feb 27 - mar 29) will win a free T-shirt. All you have to do is email your guess and Price is Right rules apply so don't overbid. Good Luck

February 11, 1997: Welcoming the Web

January 23, 1997: Planetary Alignment


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