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December 15, 1998: January On Planet Belizbeha:

    It's Almost Time:  We have been together now for a solid 5 years.  In that time we have driven billions of miles piled upon eachother in the van.
    For Our Anniversary:   We all joined forces in January of 1994.  In the past we have taken the month of Jan. off to write songs and practice, relax, etc.  Jan. has proven, over time, to be a very unique and productive month in many ways....last year we did a national tour.
    Of Five Years:  So, we have decided once again, to do something very unique.  Take a hiatus.  Yup, we are all going to have our first moments in time of rest, solitude, etc.  Some of us are going to NYC to work with other musical projects, some of us are visiting our families across the country or across the globe in Africa.  Nonetheless, we are going to enjoy a vacation.  Yes.  Happy 1999 to y'all.

November 1, 1998: Band News:

    The Latest Scoop:  So I thought that I would just take a minute to tell you all about what has been going on.  We are in a very exciting and important time with the band and appreciate all the great emails and support at show.  So first....Thanks.
    The Album:   We've been really fortunate with the good responses to our latest album, Void.  We have just begun our radio push and are beginning to hear what the industry thinks of it too.  SO far so good......stay tuned n the last bit.
    Touring:  We have a few more holes to fill in the last bit of this year, but for the most part the booking is outlined.  We will be doing a bunch of shows in the NE to get us to 1999 and then it looks like we will woodshed for the cold month of January.  So please, come on out to a show, we'd love to hear what you have to say about our new songs.

October 1, 1998: Roy G. Biv:

    Red:  You all know his name right?  He is the man of all colors....I guess the most diverse man off all.  Anyway, He is the topic of van conversation this week due to the season here:  Fall.
    Orange, Yellow:   It is a little early for orange and still young for yellow.  The reds come first and then the after the dulling of the greens and the browns you have the boom of the bright orange and yellow.  They're only around for a week or 2 though so you have to see them fast.  What a gorgeous time of year up here in VT.
    G. Biv:  So nothing really rhymes with G. Biv....??  Can you think of something (one word)?  These are some that you all came up with:  sieve, give, live, forgive, mislive, outlive, relive, etc...  Anyway, the point is:  fall in VT is absolutely gorgeous!

September 14, 1998: Look At All These Rumors:

    Setting it Straight:  You never know when you are going to be victim to the rumors that come around.  As it turns out, we have been privy to a few of them and I just want to let you all know what the real deal is.  cool?
    Breaking up...no!:   I was actually asked by someone the other day to join their band because they heard that we had broken up.  HUH?  I guess whomever broke up the band forgot to tell the band about it.  No we have not broken up.  Crazy rabbit, we're in it for the haul people.
    Blelizbeha Alpine Slide 9/12/98
    Roll with it:  The only downhill ride we're on is this one:  the alpine slide in Stowe, VT.  Yup, we're up here in the country, isn't it pretty though?  (L to R:  Kadi, Cass, unknown attendant, Mark, Jeremy)
    Record Deal:  Well, this is a fallacy as well. We are currently unsigned and have no record deal.   We do things the real way:  work every weekend at getting our music out there, playing 175 shows/year.  We find money to produce and release our own music and get it out to you.  We tour the entire USA as well as a few other countries and do it ourselves.  We consign our CDs in every store we can find.  UGH - sounds exhausting even to me.  Don't get me wrong though, if you are a record industry personality or you know one, let us know.

August  08, 1998: Much traffic on the Info Super Highway!

    ALL Lanes Are Blocked:  Hopefully you didn't come by the website for the first week of August.   It wasn't there.  We were in San Diego on tour and for three days I had no emails and no internet contact?  Huh?
    Major Accidents N, S, E & W Bound Lanes:   So this is what happened:  Everything was deleted.  Yup, the server accidentally eliminated us.  OOOPS!  ??  Well, luckily we had five days of driving across country, so i put down my book, opened the computer and started to repair the damage.
    New Roads to Open Soon: So here is the beginning of a new era.  A new cleaner website with better organization and more fun.  I hope you like it.  It will be changing every day for a while as I get more comfortable with everything.  PLEASE let me know what you think of it and if you can help me, just send some mail and tell me what you think.

July 23, 1998: It's As Easy As Pie

    I don't cook much: I was lucky enough to have grown up around really great home cooked food (thanks Mom! say hello)  Living in a van and driving around the country, however, doesn't offer too much time to perfect your art of cooking.
    Road Food: Often times, we're on a tight schedule and don't have time to sample the native cuisine.  We've been pretty good at avoiding the fast food evils, but most of our meals are quick road side diners and take out.  Few of these are worth writing about.
    Except This one: Who knew?  We were driving through Wyoming and stopped in Wamsutter.  Ever heard of it?  It consists of about ten buildings, one of which is the Broadway Cafe.  The food there was average at best except for one thing: the pie.  The next time I am within 300 miles of Wamsutter I will drive to have a slice of their Pecan Pie and so should you.  WOW.  Go there and you will be happy you did.

July 6th, 1998: A World Next door

    One hour and 49 minutes: That is about how long it takes to get to one of my montreal jazz festfavorite cities from Burlington, VT: Montreal.  We were up there for the weekend attending and participating in the Jazz Festival.  (photo: Charles Deschênes)
    Ninety Minutes, twice: We played at one of the two main outdoor jazz stages, Friday and Saturday nights for about an hour and a half. So much fun.  Montreal has such a great spirit and the crowds (all 10,000 of them!!) were great.
    45 minutes of heaven:  Late Saturday night most of us went out to the club Biddles (probably the best jazz club in Montreal) and we walked into quite a jam session.  Dianne Crawl, Russell Malone, Charlie Biddle, and who else but Wynton Marsalis was walking through the club blowing his horn.  What a night.  If you can't get to Montreal by the end of this week, plan on going next year..... absolutely amazing music and a great festival.

June 1st, 1998: The Final Countdown

    T Minus One Month: That's right everyone, I am finally going to commit to the real deal: our album will be out within the next month!   We are mixing the tracks at mastering the tracks Quad Studios in NYC and then mastering them at the Hit Factory in NY as well.  Cool.
    And Counting: As of right now we are most sure that there will be fifteen (15) songs on this album.  Yes!   There are old favorites and some that have never been heard or preformed live.   So get ready to listen.
    Blast off: SO the name of this thing you ask?  Well, after many long hours of debate we decided to call it VOID WHERE INHIBITED.  Soon enough you will have it too.  The artwork is being done by our friends at Capacitor Design Network and it looks great too.  See ya soon.

April 6th, 1998: Next, The Grammys

    It may not be gold: Well, I got an email this morning from aaward guy who thought our web site was pretty cool.  He liked it so much that he thought that we would give us an award!
    But we like it: It is not every day that you win an award for something so we were happy.  We also want to thank YOU ALL for coming to visit this site.  It would be lost in space without those constant hits from you so thanks.  Also, in order to make it better, please email us your suggestions: suggest now

March 26th, 1998: Hippidy Hop

    I-HOP: It is time that you all got a taste of the Burlington Music scene on the down low.  hat's right, little old B-town, VT actually has a hip-hop, jungle, house, trip-hop, and R & B scene.  What?
    U-HOP: Fattie B. has put together a compilation of all these odd entities from our home town.  Many great tracks grace this CD including solo project tracks from Belizbeha's Bob, Jeremy, Mark, and Fattie.  There are also tracks from other great Burlington Bands so check it out.
    WE-HOP: SO HOW DO I GET IT YOU ASK?  Easy.  You can go and check it's web site out here or you can order your own copy here.  Check it out, all twenty-one tracks of it - definitely worth the ride.

March 8th, 1998: Banding ain't easy.

    Nice and Smooth?: So this was a long weekend.   A gig Friday night, then we woke up on Saturday to a three hour drive starting at 9 am.  Moving on to a loading of our equipment for a 2 pm gig and then another setup/loadin at 9pm for an 11pm gig.  No, we're not done yet.  Then at 2 am we all get in the van and drive 600 miles to Woodstock, NY and get there around noon (today) and load our equipment into the studio for a session starting at 5 pm. Long day........

January 14th, 1998: Mid Tour Medic?

    Healthfood:   No matter how hard you try to stay healthy there is no hope for that in a touring band.  Our menu is a match to the inventory list in a Mobil Mini-Mart.  Often enough our diet and van-sitting-in lifestyle catches up....
    Drug Stores: Well, we have made many a bypass to your local pharmacy on this trip.  Most of which have offered up plenty of Thera-Flu and other cold remedies to aid in laryngitis, the flu, a fever, blisters on fingers, and a sprained ankle.
    Sunny horizons though: Today, though, we head into (hopefully) sunny Cali to bring some sun and some health into the tour. We are hoping all is smooth sailing from here on out.  Let us know of your home remedies if you've got 'em!

January 1st, 1998: The New Year Huh?

    The Bright Side of the Moon: Well, we brought in 1998 in Telluride, CO at the wonderful Fly Me To The Moon club.  First off, thanks to all of them for the great night and the hospitality.  A truly great New Year thanks to you all.
    The Moon People: And this is to all the people at the show. You guys are crazy.  The club is tight and small and even has a cool spring loaded dance floor.  Very Cool.  Thanks for making it bounce!
    Now into Space: So we're on tour right now and we can finally update this page from the road.  So no more delays.....check the page daily! And for those looking for email buddies, send us some love!
    And one more question: It is now 1998 right?  So when that artist (O+>) wrote that song that goes...party like it's 1999, does this mean we should do this at the end of this year on new year's eve or all of next year?



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