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July 26, 1999:  Amusing

    A (for Atlantic):  So we went to Nantucket this past weekend for some gigs in the Atlantic.  After a fairly hectic drive there with some of us almost missing the ferry, missing the ferry, or almost missing the last plane....we made it to the island of Nantucket.
    Muse:   Somewhere on the island is the Muse.  A pretty crazy little island(ish) bar complete with a bubble machine on the dance floor.  Anyways, they always take great care of us and that makes us very happy.  Thanks to the Muse and thanks to the DJ who played all Earth, Wind and Fire during our set breaks.  YES!
    Ing:  And I guess we should thank all those who made the weekend fun.  All the great swimming late at night (thanks whomever found Daryl who was lost on the beach for a while), all the great food cooked by Fankie - our dear Italian maniac chef in VT, and everyone who came to enjoy the weekend.  And no, we have not broken up.

April 7, 1999:  Good Things In Small's Package:

    Change:  Sorry but I just needed to take a personal moment.  This is Mark, drummer for the band and the person in charge of this website.  I have recently moved to NYC and am constantly checking out some the greatest music I have ever heard.
    Brian BladeSmall's:   There is a small jazz club in NYC called Small's.  It is small.   It is great.  Last night I saw Brian Blade, a true inspiration for me, play drums with Sam Yahel (Hammond B3) and Peter Bernstein (guitar).  Wow.
    Homage:  This, then,   is just a note to anyone reading:  please support this great drummer.  He is perhaps the most amazing and musical drummer I have ever seen, not to mention one of the nicest.  Here's to Brian!  Learn more about Brian or read an interview with him and be sure to see him play live.

March 24, 1999:  Cyberia

    Why:  Whoops, our website was offline for 5 days.  Heaven forbid!   We switched our host server to our website.  We did this so that we could run some other things on our site, some of which you will see and some of which you won't.
    Two:   Now we can offer some cooler things and guarantee all the good stuff.  Cyberia isn't such a bad place to chill anywise right?  I guess you agree seeing that you are here.  s.
    (o) Kay:  So once again, don't believe the hype and come on out to see us play at some of our shows.   We are playing less frequently these days but sometimes quality is better than quantity.  go!

March 03, 1999:  Slacker!

    I Know!:  Well, I am sorry.  Really sorry.  It has been a while since you all got the scoop.  Even now, I will delay the real scoop for a special page which will explain everything.
    Making Change:   This last year of the century has definitely not been one to avoid change.  We are making more change than all the slot machines in Vegas combined.  We have restructured our touring, downsized the politics and some of us have even moved to different locations.
    All for the Better:  I know that there are a lot of rumors about what is going on and believe me the emails that are coming in (by the pound) have proven that people are very curious.  Please bear with us as we put together what we need to explain and we will lay it on you!  I promise!  In the meantime, come see some of our shows booked for winter/spring 99 here!


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