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Welcome to the Martini Review:
Hello.  My name is Dax and I am the Merchandise manager for the band.   While on the road with Belizbeha, I will be reviewing and giving my opinions on various odds and ends.  Welcome to the first of my reviews:  the martinis of America.  Enjoy.
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the opinions on this page do not necessarily reflect those opinions of belizbeha, well, most members anyway.


fivestar.GIF (815 bytes) Jello Bar:  Montreal, QUE
With a menu of over 30 martini's to choose from, this bar/lounge has more options than an insurance adjuster.  Pick one like the "007," the "blue note" or the "sushi"and enjoy the atmosphere.  I sure did and will whenever in Montreal.
twostar.GIF (563 bytes) Fox Theatre: Boulder CO.  7/17/98
A great place to catch a show but not to catch a martini.  Stick with beer - a good selection.
threehalfstar.GIF (705 bytes) Fly Me To The Moon: Telluride, CO.  7/19/98
A cozy little basement bar with a surprisingly good martini.  Love the dance floor....has springs!
onestar.GIF (446 bytes) Garton's: Vail, CO.   7/20/98
POOR!  It was the first time I ever had a martini that was 'slushy.'   To top it off, the olive had to have been lying around since the Reagan Administration.  Sorry....no soup for you!  It is a ski shack, beer is your best bet
fourstar.GIF (742 bytes) Mangy Moose:   Jackson Hole, WY.  7/22/98
The best spot in Jackson Hole:  cool atmosphere, great food, and a great tasting martini served up in a Z stem glass.  Nice touch moose.  Strong with a smooth finishing taste.  Try the trout.
onestar.GIF (446 bytes) Crocodile Cafe:   Seattle, WA.  7/24/98
All I have to say is that it was served in a rocks glass.  SKIP IT!  I expected better since they have a neon martini glass sign in the window.  One can never count on anything in life.  Too Vermouthy.
threehalfstar.GIF (705 bytes) Roseland Annex:   Portland, OR.  7/25/98
A bit strong though OK.  A little shallow on the pour.  Nice place to catch a show, a bit to much echo in the room though.  Had the Alfredo with chicken, ehh.  Great music memorabilia on the walls.
nostar.GIF (551 bytes) The WOW Hall:   Eugene, OR.  7/26/98
Yeah Right!  Too much patchouli, too much humidity, too hot, no circulating air or A/C or anything!  A freakin' gym!
fivestar.GIF (815 bytes) G Lounge:  San Diego, CA.  7/28/98
Boy that was refreshing!  The closest glass full of Bombay Sapphire to perfection in a while.  So clean going down (ahhh!), a must if ever in SD!  Nice glass too.
fourhalfstar.gif (785 bytes) Luna Park:  Los Angeles, CA.  7/29/98
Swanky, star-studded, restaurant/lounge located in West Hollywood.  The food was splendid, had the lamb.  The martini was one of the finer.....well.....liquid silk.  A real pleasure.  After all, where else can you bump elbows with the likes of Ed McMahon and Pee Wee (I mean, Paul Ruben) while sipping.
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Great American Music Hall:  San Francisco, CA.  7/30/98
THE place to catch a performance.  This venue had an unbelievably superb sound.  Martini you ask?  Why quite good thanks.  Almost airy!??   So crisp and dry, it was like a breath of air after sucking on a tic-tac.   Although...my second one was (to say politely) tainted.  It goes to show you that it is all in the pour(er).
nostar.GIF (551 bytes) Reggae On The River:   Humboldt County, CA.  7/31/98
Tip #1:  when in sunny California, in Humboldt County, in the midst of tens of thousands of people, have a couple of Red Tails, enjoy the kind bud and relax.   The bar is closed today.
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Elevation:   Lake Tahoe, CA.  8/1/98
It's all about the Blaster:  Skip the martini and take off.  The martini was just so so - very rank looking olives.  However, the Blaster is one can of Red Bull and one shot of your choice.  I chose Canadian Club.  Pour the Red Bull in a pint glass, drop in the shot and pop.  T-minus 30 seconds till blastoff......bing!
nostar.GIF (551 bytes) The Elbo Room:   Columbia, SC.  8/6/98
It's 1998 and South Carolina still has some law that all alcohol must be served in those little nip bottles.  What am I, on a freakin' plane?  I was not in the mood for the do-it-yourself idea so it was a Dewars night.  Thumbs down to SC law, but thumbs up to the Elbo Room:  nice venue and cool scene. 
onestar.GIF (446 bytes) The Metro:   Washington, D.C.  8/7/98
Here it goes:  my first martini was graciously spilled all over the bar by the bartender.  No biggie, it happens.  It was just an average one anyway.   My second was, of course, a Sapphire.  Half way through the pour, she informed me that she was out of Sapphire.  So, I asked for a regular Bombay and she mixed the two together.  What the hell is that?  And at $6.50, one really should know what they are doing.
threestar.GIF (656 bytes) Tramps:  New York City, NY.  8/8/98
That was the first time I have ever enjoyed a martini from a plastic party cup.   Excellent venue to catch a show but......come on guys, invest in some martini glasses.
threehalfstar.GIF (705 bytes) Club Metronome:   Burlington, VT.  8/9/98
Tired from a long tour and many nights of martinis, this glass finished off average but good.  Good martini, great price.  Yada yada yada.


..... Stay tuned for more Road Reviews By Dax ......


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