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We recorded in a few different studios over the course of the first five months of this year.  The studios treated us very well:  Applehead Studio in Woodstock, NY, CMG Studio in Saratoga, NY and Quad Studios in NYC.  The Album was produced by Rob Stevens (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Yoko Ono, John Lennonvoid.jpg (17775 bytes), Herbie Hancock).  The CD was then mastered at The Hit Factory in New York City.  We have been touring in support of this disc to all the four courners of the country and we have been very pleased with many great reviews of the music.

We are also really happy with the artwork thanks to our friends at Capacitor Design Network.  The title of this 15 song album with 65 minutes of music is......

V O I D    W H E R E     I N H I B I T E D

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