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February 21st, 1997



What Music....

What Book....

Shauna Cowboy Junkies
Trinity Sessions
Milan Kundera
The Joke
Bob Various
Reggae Sunsplash '81
Marlo Morgan
Mutant Message Down Under
Shawn Level 42
The Best Of Level 42
Michael Crichton
Lost World
Mark Stevie Wonder
Music Of My Mind
Mary Morris
Jeremy Pharcyde
Bizarre Ride II
Maxine Hong Kingston
The Woman Warrior
Kyle Tribe Called Quest
Beats, Rhymes, and Life
The Best of DJUR
Mary Crow Dog
Lakota Woman
And Our Management....
Cass Bob Marley
Songs Of Freedom
John North Patterson
The Final Judgement
Chris Grateful Dead
Without a Net
Sound Reinforcement
Alex Acetone
I guess I would
Hunter S. Thompson
Fear and Loathing In LV
Antoine Guru
Jazzmatazz II
Donald S. Passman
The Music Business

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