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May 14th, 1997



What Music....

What Book....

Shauna Various
Soundtrack to the English Patient
Vaclav Navel
Letter to Olga
Bob Dire Straits
Live at the BBC
Francis Davis
The History of the Blues
Shawn Seal
"the first album"
Arthur C. Clarke
Childhoods End
Mark Charlie Hunter Quartet
Ready, Set, Shango
Milan Kundera
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Jeremy Hop
Hop Compilation
Midi Master
Kyle Tracy Lee
Many Faces
- -
- -
Kadi Various
Love Jones Soundtrack
James Hillman
The Soul's Code
And Our Management....
Cass Various
96.7 The Pulse FM
Alex MusicAfro Celt Sound System
Fred Goodman
Mansion On The Hill
Antoine Dee-Lite
Dewdrops in the Garden
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- -

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